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  • Ice Tub

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1. Size: 78*71.5cm 

2. PVC inflatable top ring to provide more comfort

3. 4 thermal insulated layer(FOAM, PVC AND POLYESTER) Plastic Frame

 Specifications CTN              CARTON  CBM G.W/CTN
HEAVY DUTY PVC 1 62.00 25.00 14.00 0.022 1.72 1.20

Each piece in one small box 


Each piece in one small box  1 62.00 25.00 14.00 0.022 1.72 1.20

Beat the Summer Heat with a PVC Inflatable Ice Tub

Take your summer enjoyment to the next level with our top-quality ice tub. Blue Coast ride has presents you its game changing ice tube specially designed for keeping cool in the summer by taking a quick dip in the water or by sitting in the tub submerged for a soothing session. Our ice tubs are designed to fit one person giving you individual space to relax in the tub without anyone disturbing your peace. 

What Makes Our Ice Tub Special?

Our ice tub is a perfect solution to escape the summer heat. They can keep you cool during sizzling temperatures. 

Robust construction Ensuring Long Usage Life.

Our ice tubs are made from hard PVC plastic purpose-built to withstand the sun’s rays on a consistent basis without getting discolored and damaged. The PVC material is built to keep water at a constant temperature so that you keep enjoying the coolness of water for a long time even during a sunny morning without worrying about the water heating up. 

Stylish yet Functional 

Our ice tub is built to be compact, which means that you can fit multiple of them in the backyard so that not just you but also your friends and family can relax in their individual tubs and make their summers enjoyable. Consisting of an inflatable top ring that improves sitting comfort by providing a soft edge to lean on, our ice tubs can keep you comfortably seated for hours on end. Make the most of our popular ice tub sale and buy a set of ice tubes to chill endlessly this summer. 

Adaptable for Gatherings

Our ice tubs are not just for personal chilling. They can make get together and house parties enjoyable by giving your guests a chance to take a dip in the tub whenever they want without occupying much space in the backyard. So even if the rest of the yard is occupied you can make space for an ice tub to make the party even more fun.

Ready to take your poolside parties to the next level? Explore our range of ice tubs and cooling solutions online, and take advantage of our inflatable ice tub sale to buy multiple and indulge in summer fun. 


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