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Experience the Real Thrill of Surfing with our Standup paddle board

If you are looking for a water adventure that is truly unforgettable, then Blue Coast Ride’s lineup of paddle boards is just what you need to let your adrenaline junkie out. Navigate the ocean while having loads of fun with our cutting-edge paddle boards made with premium materials. 

What Makes Our Paddle Boards Special? 

Make Memories while riding the waves effortlessly with the built-in unique features of our paddle boards. 

Top-Grade Materials for Amazing Watery Escapades

We specialize in manufacturing a drop stitch paddle board that is crafted with top quality materials that deliver a superb performance that can make you zip through the waves effortlessly. Made with innovative drop-stitching technique that can deliver a ride that is truly exhilarating, along with a robust build which gives you a stability in water currents that can make even a beginner surfer truly confident. 

Adaptable Design for Any Water Body 

Whether you intend to surf the open seas, river, or lake, our paddle boards can tackle any water journey with ease. Our standard custom stand up paddle board comes in various lengths that are suited for handling water currents on any water body, be it a lake or a river. The design of paddle board caters to surfers of every skill level. From surfer enthusiasts to slow newbies, these paddle boards cater to fast paced action-packed surfing as well as slow and relaxed paddling. 

Foldable Structure for Effortless Carrying

If you are thinking that carrying these paddle boards will be a chore than don’t worry, their huge size can be deceiving. These paddle boards are constructed to be lightweight, so you can take them to remote spots for your surfing adventure. Being a custom drop stitch paddle board means that you can easily deflate it and fold it to fit in a limited space. No need for roof car racks to house your paddle board anymore. 

Partner with us to Take Adventure to the Next Level

As a paddle board supplier, we are known globally for our paddle board quality, so if you are a retailer who caters to the paddling and kayak community, then we provide cost-effective sourcing. Our special Drop Stitch board sale caters to retailers by providing discounted prices so you can easily stock your inventory without hefty spending.