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  • Air Mattress with Canopy

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Air Mattress with Canopy Inflatable Size: 192*82cm

 Specifications CTN              CARTON  CBM G.W/CTN
HEAVY DUTY PVC 1 20.00 22.00 27.00 0.012 3.20 3.00

Each piece in one small box 


Each piece in one small box  1 20.00 22.00 27.00 0.012 3.20 3.00

Explore Canopy Air Mattress Sale to Enjoy Your Outdoor Fun 

Your outdoor fun like camping is incomplete without us. It is time to choose Blue Coastlines Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. You will rest better on our canopy air mattress, and we have many reasons for it. The first is the comfort level that we ensure on priority. The second is durability which enhances its worth further. We manufacture them in a way that makes us a reliable brand.  

Safety of Material from Mild Punctures, Abrasions, and UV Rays

This place brings a canopy air mattress sale for you. Find safe and durable air mattresses with a canopy attached to them. Blue Coastlines Outdoor Products uses fool-proof material against various threats. That means there will be high protection from mild punctures, abrasions, and tears. You should expect its protection from UV rays also. Then you can float on water without any worries of puncture. You can also place it on a flat surface while camping. 

Your Skin Safety from Sunlight, Comfort for Your Back

It is not just about material protection but also your protection. The quality you will find at our canopy air mattress sale will be unbelievable. The canopy on it will protect you from UV rays for the safety of your skin. That will also keep you cool while you rest on it. Then comes the comfort of your back. Our air mattresses with canopy will provide back support. That will keep enough inflated surface for your back to prevent back pain. You can sleep at night while camping without compromising your comfort. Also, you can lie on it while floating on water. 

Get Impressive Prices of Our Canopy Air Mattress 

Blue Coastlines Outdoor Products has the most budget-friendly prices for buyers. Find a canopy air mattress sale available here for easy purchase. We have the prices that will match your budget. Then you can buy them at a cut price very easily. Our price range is low because we believe in serving all the buyers. We serve local as well as international buyers. 

Why Should Buyers Around the World Choose Us?  

You will get safety, durability, and affordability altogether. Blue Coastlines Outdoor Products keeps its customers happy with its services. The material selection process makes us choose prime quality for you. Then you get international supply from us. We cover the global market since we are a well-established brand. Our quality inspection process ensures all the customers receive the best quality.


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